Review: Internal Combustion

Internal Combustion
Internal Combustion by India Masters

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Sexy boss stories involving kinky adventures kicks this popular fantasy up an erotic notch. Rev your engines for this fast and furious sexfest.

Chelsea doesn't want any complications or strings attached to her sex. She's a woman in an auto body shop filled with men. She works harder than them to prove she earned her job. Falling for her boss, Finn, is definitely not on her to-do list. Unfortunately, no one informs her libido.

This story starts off diving straight into the hawt boss to subordinate liaison. Instead of a power grab of forcing the typical secretary to do the powerful manger's bidding, this is one of balanced power, which is sweetly sensual. There are no power struggles to see who possesses the upper hand. Instead, it's a discreet friends with benefit status which morphs into a romantic relationship before Chelsea can apply the brakes. Once Chelsea recognizes the final destination, she does her best to stop. Finn is having nothing to do with this and takes action.

Ms Masters creates realistic characters who are easy to understand. They are engaging because they feel familiar. Their traits are recognizable in family and friends. This is the power of her storytelling. She grabs the reader from the beginning by making her characters human. The reader can either sympathize or empathize with how the character feels and thinks. The baggage Chelsea carries is no different than what many readers have personally experienced. Ms Masters presents it in a way which is smooth instead of lecturing or boring. This makes her stories enjoyable and a fast read.

Sometimes the plots in her stories tackle hard social issues which need to be addressed. This one is gentler with a look at relationships and why a woman would want to take advantage of sexual benefits without the headache of a commitment. The sex in this story is kinky for those who want a glimpse of sweet loving fading to black. It is tastefully tame.

Overall, this is another well-crafted tale. Recommended for kinky romance lovers who want their happily ever after.

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