Review: Learning the Ropes

Learning the Ropes
Learning the Ropes by C.P. Mandara

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Pampered Jenny is still in denial. She still thinks Daddy will come rescue her. She doesn't believe Daddy sent her to Albrecht Stables. Mark, her trainer cares not. Mark trains her to his specifications.

Ms. Mandara includes more depraved training for Jenny. She's disciplined and gagged as she learns what it means to be a pony girl. The kinky fetishes are pretty hawt. One which caught my attention is breathplay. I have mixed feelings about this one. For Jenny, it was terrifying. For me, since I enjoy breathplay, it makes me discomforted witnessing her fear. Yet I enjoyed that scene the most.

From a character development, both Jenny and Mark are still straightforward and easy to understand. The focus is on the erotic corruption of Jenny. This humiliating journey with pleasurable pain and public exhibition is delicious. Ms. Mandara's pony play is alluring for those who enjoy being a pony and those who want a pony of their own. Those who enjoy someone getting their comeuppance, this is a book for you.

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      Learning the Ropes (Pony Tales, #2)




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