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Levi's Ultimatum
Levi's Ultimatum by Eliza Gayle

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Now I need to read the first in this series. Rich dominant males tied together by a dark secret and running a BDSM club could be easily designated as GlitterKink only. It is much more. Tori Ford is a single mother who is a spectacular baker. She is also a professional Domme to release her tension. When prodigal son, Levi, returns back to town and catches a whiff of Tori's peachy scent, Tori is in trouble.

Ms. Gayle creates a rich world with interesting characters. Tori is a tough woman who is fighting to make a living. She's also working against her small town's perception of her. Tori is complex because she's more than just a single mother. She's also more than just an aspiring baker. She is a professional dominatrix yet she is at heart, a submissive. While I can't relate to Tori, I can appreciate her situation and I admire her.

Levi on the other hand is a bit of a messed up guy. He obviously comes with baggage from his past. Once the reader learns of his past and how he's connected to his best friends, it's depressing. It's not that it is shocking. It's depressing because while it sounds crazy, it's plausible based on events which have occurred in the States. It makes this story feel more real and believable. This in turn, pulls me into the story completely. I want to know what happens next. It is like driving by an automobile accident and slowing down to see the aftermath. Not to say that this story is a train wreck. It’s the situations and conflict Ms. Gayle creates for her main characters which is kind of brutal. There is nothing sadistic or non-consensual. It's focused on the heartbreak and hardships of love gone wrong. The impacts of a selfish man who commits hubris causes a ripple which travels far. The fall out for those around him are high. I like this type of turmoil because it causes my heart to ache for the characters. My emotions are involved and I feel something.

The BDSM in this story is decent. This book can be with or without the kinky scenes and it still would be a lovely story. The kink adds a bit of spice. The twist of Tori's professional versus personal preference when it comes to BDSM is delightful. Since I'm a switch, Ms. Gayle captures the dichotomy quite well and presents it in hopefully a way people can understand. Each person is a little different when it comes to being a switch. This is probably the easiest way to show how a person can be both dominant and submissive. This kinky romance is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.

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