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Long Time Gone
Long Time Gone by S.E. Jakes

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Is this a foreign flick? The constant turmoil in Long Time Gone is exhausting. In the second book in this spin off series, the kinky erotic takes a complete back seat to the suspense. For those who are looking for panty wetting m/m manlove, this is probably not the book to read.

This book is about Tom and his past ~ his very screwed up and terrible past. That there are still places where the sins of the father are put upon the son, is just mind blowing. I hurt for Tom. He's a survivor yet he constantly forces himself to live in hell on earth. It's baffling why he is so good at punishing himself. Nowadays, people cry "bully" at every little slight. If someone wants to read about real nasty bullying, this book details it in brutal graphic high definition. The amount of heartache, suffering and death in this book makes me wonder if this is a Chinese movie. Because as we all know, Chinese action flicks do not end happily ever after. It's always a bittersweet ending as those we want to live are snuffed out without a thought. Those who are evil don't die. They live to torture another day.

Ms. Jakes designs a complicated world filled with complex relationships and past hurts. This wrenches emotion after emotion out of me as I learn more about both Tom and Prophet. The dynamic between the two men remind me of Ty and Zane in one of my favourite m/m romantic suspense books. This one seems to be darker. It's darker because of the lack of supportive family and friends. It's more desolate and gives the vibe of "let's just slit our wrists and put us out of our misery". Since I enjoy this kind of melancholy books, it works for me.

It isn't all doom and gloom. There are a few highlights of humour through sexting flirtation. The rough sex is also a good counterbalance. What more can a gal want? Rough sex, guns and death. This intense book is recommended for m/m suspense lovers.

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