Review: Obedience Classes

Obedience Classes
Obedience Classes by Sean Michael

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Forced submission of a rebellious male werewolf by an alpha gay werewolf is always a fun read.

Trevor is a naughty beta wolf who crosses the line too many times. He pushes the boundaries, thinking he can get away with it. Unlike other wolves, he hasn't experienced a disciplining session. When the elders can no longer tolerate Trevor's behaviour, Dirk is tasked with doling out obedience training. Dirk is a special wolf because he is a loner but still part of the pack. His sexual preference is what keeps him in the outer circle.

This is a quick and fun read. It is lightly kinky as a bad little boy is spanked hard by a stronger male authority. The humiliation in this story is mild. It would be more exciting if Trevor is treated like a dog with a collar. To be forced through a dub-con training as a bad puppy would have increased the heat factor. As it stands, the m/m sex is good and the characters are sweet.

Dirk shows he is top dog and forces Trevor to submit. Trevor gives in surprisingly easy. His token resistance is amusing. The plot is easy to follow and the resolution sweetly presented. This m/m romance is recommended to paranormal lovers.

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