Review: Out of Options

Out of Options
Out of Options by Naomi Brooks

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review
If a contract is too good to be true, then it probably contains a hidden catch. Connor learns this the hard way.

Connor is a guy who possesses little skill sets to make it in life. He doesn't have a good education and very little marketable skills. He's the below average Joe working on commission and struggling through life. It's not easy for him. When he's desperate to make ends meet, he does what many in his position do--he sells his body.

Connor's saviour is Jarrett, an occasional repeat client. The sex is good and vanilla-safe. When Connor is let go and can't find another job, his last resort is to beg Jarrett for a loan. This is where the story becomes good. This short tale turns from depressing to sadistic kinky sex. Authors Angelia Sparrows and Naomi Brooks kicks up the non-con element with some depraved sexual slavery. It happens very fast and it twists this novella into a guilty pleasure read.

Some of the sexual perversion forced upon Connor by Jarrett are right up my alley. Chastity and forced feminization with dub-con rape is always a delight. For those who enjoy this kind of non-con, this is the book for you. The cruel scenes are not too detailed, but just enough to get your rocks off. This story could really be expanded so that Connor's journey into sexual servitude is more gradual and deliciously deviant.

Recommended for kinky m/m who enjoy their dub-con sexual fantasy.

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