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Penny in Harness
Penny in Harness by Penny Birch

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Devious minx Ms. Birch crafts yet another delicious tale of debauchery. I've been a fan of Ms. Birch for a long time, well over a decade. I've finally read this story which is all about pony play. The focus is on pony girls, although it does contain a pony boy or two. This book is dangerous. Do not read it in public. I made the mistake of reading this on a transatlantic plane ride. If there were not such heavy fines for joining the mile high club, I would have jumped on my spouse and ridden him.

Penny, the trouble seeking sex addict in this story spies upon a girl dressed up in pony gear, pulling a cart. Intrigued, she gallops full speed ahead into the world of pony play. This niche BDSM fetish is real. There are people in real life who do practice dressage on humans. The taboo material is slowly seeping into the vanilla world, but it isn't fully there yet. In this sensual packed story, Penny starts out as an innocent girl and ends up as a crop wielding pony driver. What is so fun about this story is the sexual fluidity. There are no set categories of must follow rules. Every character is there to enjoy themselves. While some prefer females only or to only top, it isn't a hard and fast designation. Characters can be "convinced" to switch to the other team or to submit to another person despite their protests. This is much more accurate to real life. While most stories designate characters as only Top, bottom, Dom, sub, lesbian or hetero, Ms. Birch breaks down all those barriers.

One of Ms. Birch's trademark is how dirty and rude some of her sexual acts become. For those who are squicked out by scat or golden showers, it's best to skip over those sections. For those who may not find it sexy but still erotically humiliating to be peed on, Ms. Birch is your author. There is a gritty realism to Ms. Birch's stories which takes it up a notch in taboo. She's not afraid to graphically describe bodily functions. She still does it in a way which illicit a strong positive response. At least, for kinky readers like me who are depraved, it elicits strong sexual responses. Even the jaded BDSM reader will find Ms. Birch refreshing.

While one could argue this is just a porn book, I'm going to say otherwise. This is an erotic journey of a curious and open minded woman. She's enjoying life to the fullest through kinky acts. She is enjoy women and men. She experiences first hand being punished. She also deals out humiliating punishments. Penny is a brat, there is no doubt about it. Still her brattiness is kind of charming. One could say she is topping from the bottom. Since this is less about BDSM but more about kinky enjoy and getting fucked hard, I see it a different way. I see a naughty girl instigating situations which results in pleasure for everyone. No disrespect is intended. This is why I'm okay with Penny's bratty behaviour and how she reveals in being "caught".

This book is definitely going into my spank bank. Highly recommended to kinky readers who enjoy pony play.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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