Review: Please, Sir

Please, Sir
Please, Sir by Sindra van Yssel

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The Romance Review

Sometimes, the littlest thing can trigger a problem in a BDSM scene. For Julia Kelly, this is "begging" in a BDSM scene. Since this is something most Dominants require from their submissives, it is a difficult one to work around. For many Dominants, it isn't even something they think about. It's integral to a scene where a submissive needs to beg for release. Or beg to be fucked. When Kelly hides this from Tom, a Dominant she's enjoyed scenes with, it causes both tension and misunderstandings.

Ms Van Yssel does an excellent job at showing how a trigger can stop a play partnership. Also that a trigger doesn't necessarily have to be associated with an abuse. Julia's trigger is one that many wouldn't even think to consider as a possible issue. This is what makes Ms Van Yssel such a good BDSM writer. She educates without lecturing and shows BDSM in a realistic manner. The BDSM scenes in this story are accurate and delicious. The hawt kidnapping scene and ménage are kinky fantasies which can be reality. What makes this story more than just a BDSM spank bank material is how she creates her characters.

Ms Van Yssel creates characters who are for the most part your average Joe. Sure, Tom is wealthy, but he's no billionaire with a trust fund. His occupation is quite plausible. Even the physical attributes of the characters are reasonable. This makes the story easier to relate to and enjoy. Ms Van Yssel does understand the allure and power of a fantasy and keeps this kinky component in.

This series which takes place on a private island devoted to BDSM in a resort is a dream come true. If this place really existed, I'm sure the bookings would be scheduled out for at least a year in advance.

The plot of this story is deceptively simplistic. It isn't straightforward when it is a sexual journey of self-discovery. Ms Van Yssel crafts it quite well even if it feels a bit rushed. In one week's worth of time, Julia is able to overcome her hard limit. It could be possible, but one would expect relapses, especially if she's had a bad day in her day job as a cop. The romance aspect between Tom and Julia is sweet and neatly brought together. This kinky romance is recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.

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