Review: Regan's Folly

Regan's Folly
Regan's Folly by Mychael Black

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A forked tongue doing sexy unspeakable tricks to a body, how can anyone turn this down? One can always rely on Ms. Black to write a tight sexy erotic manlove story. In the second of this series, Regan, the centuries old dragon finds a lover falling right into his lap. The lover however, isn't someone Regan would have ever thought to bed. Even if dragons are amicable to getting it on with other supernaturals, demons are not on the list. To find Salutael alluring, this is a surprise to both Regan and his friends. The nice thing about this story is that there is no judgment. There are no forced confrontations requiring Regan to pick between his lover and his friends.

Salutael is a demon on the run. His gift makes him special. If he can't be controlled, then he must be destroyed. Fortunately for him, Regan is willing to take a chance on him. This plot is straightforward with predictable complications. It delivers a sweet and steamy read. These short little sex series is a tasty appetizer. They are bite size packages of ravishment with likeable characters. For those who like m/m romance and dragon shifters, this is a decent quick read with a happily ever after.

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