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True by Laurann Dohner

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Another winner by the talented Ms Dohner!

The reader is returned to the world of the New Species. This time, while there are still haters of the New Species, the focus is on someone close, undermining their security. In addition, the romance between the male New Species and female human is so good.

True knew Jeanie, who worked as one of the medical staff in the sadistic secret research location he was kept in captivity. Jeanie treated the parahumans better than the other humans, but she still was one of "them"--the enemy. When she's been captured in a raid, it's True's chance to demand answers.

This latest one in the series weaves in a bit of mystery. Why is Jeanie being framed? Why does someone want her dead? The little clues Ms Dohner drops all lead to a great reveal. While the reveal isn't a surprise, it is done very well. What really makes this book good is the emotion it invokes. One can't help but feel sorry for Jeanie. The tortures she suffers because of her soft-heartedness is moving. When the test subjects she's helped all stick up for her, it generates more emotions. The character development is what makes the story so enjoyable. In addition, Ms Dohner shows her lovely sense of humor. True and Darkness's dialogue cracks me up.

    "He pays for sharing sex?" [True asks.]

    "It's a human thing." Darkness snorted. "Perhaps that's why he hates us. Human females line up at the gates just hoping to meet one of us. I doubt anything this human does is enjoyable and he sure couldn't attract a female with his appearance. He's currently wearing a pair of ratty boxers that have multiple stains and he keeps scratching his balls as if he's got fleas. I want to bathe, just watching him."


    "Oh shit." Darkness growled. I'm sickened."

    "What happened?"

    "He enjoys porn and just shoves his shorts down. That female really deserves a lot of money tomorrow. I haven't seen something that small since I visited Fury's home and his son decided he enjoyed removing his clothing and running around the home bare." (p. 222)

This story is also filled with angst. While there are repeated examples of evil and cruel humans, this is combatted by human mates who do anything to protect their New Species male. This is the romance part which is sweet and never gets old. Yes, this series is a constant variation of the same theme, but I'm still hooked and want to read every single book. This one hints at additional evil agendas which might be exposed in the next book. This paranormal romance is recommended to those who love the soul mate theme.

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