Review: Worthy

Worthy by Lia Black

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Worthy or unworthy? What happens when a person accepts their position in life and doesn't have a chip on their shoulder about it? In this erotic slavery story, it's delightful. Ms. Black writes a delicious romantic tale. It's quite moving because it crosses socioeconomic classes to prove a point.

The world building is just enough to give readers an understanding of this aristocratic world filled with slaves. What is interesting is the homogenous population and the behaviour of slaves. These slaves titles are "earned" and they do come across more as pampered prima donnas than slaves. They are petty and juvenile. Plus, as the Count observers, they are completely boring and "white washed".

Seven aka Sev is different. He's from a class even lower than dogs. Really, what is up with this lower than dogs? Then again, people do treat their dogs better than homeless. Sev is exotic both physically and mentally. He is an interesting character. He's neither pathetic nor a doormat. What he is, is a sweet, loving and loyal boy. No wonder he is always dressed in white.

Ms. Black does an excellent job of character building. I really liked both Sev and Demetrie. They are interesting and the chemistry between them is fiery hot. The sex they have together is beautiful. I wish it was more descriptive in the SM parts. Mmmm. It makes my panty wet. The menage between Demetrie, Sev and Michael is so good. This is one of the sweetest slavery stories I've read in a long time. This story is easily summed up for me in this passage -

"Why, Sev? Why haven't you tried to escape?" [Demetrie]

"Master, I did not realize I was your prisoner." Sev gazed up into Demetrie's eyes...
(location 1540)

Seriously, how can anyone not sigh over this part? I highly recommend this m/m romance to kinky readers who love a happily ever after.

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