Review: Alpha

Alpha by Fierce Dolan

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

When an alpha werewolf refuses to submit to an alpha dominatrix, what happens? A delicate dance of seduction? Or perhaps taunting tango of sexual lust? Alaine Dunham is a dominatrix in the well-known BDSM club, Malice. Her specialty is bringing men to their knees. She flogs, whips and pegs them until they are a whimpering mess.

The kink in here is good. What's not to like about an alpha male submitting to an alpha female? What's not to like about reading about a woman pegging a male hard in the ass? The BDSM in this story is titillating. It would have been nicer if the scenes were more action than telling. This is what really brought the story down. Ms. Dolan tells the story and shows very little action. The BDSM concepts are sexy and erotic, it would be much hotter if the reader is a voyeur, not a second hand listener. Alaine spends an inordinate amount of time talking about herself. It becomes tedious in such a short story. If the reader ignores Aliane's introspection and her heavy handed manner of introducing werewolf Seth into submission, the sex is good. First, there is bestiality which is always a surprise and delight. It's not technically animal on human because it's a werewolf. Adding in watersports, knotting and squirting, it kicks up the heat in the story.

The world building in here is sketchy. There are some hints of nefarious secret groups hunting for werewolves. What they want with werewolves is not fully revealed. Perhaps it will show up in the next installment. There is some detail about Alaine's past which helps explain how she realized her potential to sooth the beast, so to speak. Her naughty escapades help make this teasing tale sexy hot. The jumping from past to present is a bit jarring. There needs to be a bit smoother transition. The potential for this story is there. Ms. Dolan does capture the reader's attention. If she would show more than tell, develop her characters a bit more and spend more time world building, this series could really take off. An example of better character develop would be Seth. For Seth to suddenly roll over in submission so quickly and become suzy homemaker is a stretch and causes a reader to snort in disbelief. For this, it is a 3 star kinky and 2 star for writing. This averages to a 2.5 star which is truncated to a 2. This book is recommended for kinky readers who enjoy a hint of taboo.

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