Review: Bullet

Bullet by Garrett Leigh

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

Sex for pay entices all sorts of people into the porn industry. Levi's reason is pretty sad. It's more to help his mother than himself. His relationship with his mother is very complicated. Even when all is revealed, it doesn't make sense. Did she love him or did she not? Still, this is just a minor plotline in this surprisingly sweet romance.

Levi seems to have everything going for him until his father died. Now as a mechanic and part-time porn star, he is just drifting through life. His porn specialty is to take a twink's ass rough for the viewing pleasures of perverts. I'm one of those perverts who enjoys it, too. Mr. Leigh writes it so well with the fear and screams from the little twink receiving a hard ass reaming. Honestly, if there were more graphic details of these tight little rosebuds busted by a thick hard cock, I wouldn't be opposed.

The sex in this story is both graphic and sweet. Sweet because Levi's standard hard thrusting changes when he's been asked to bottom for the first time. Deviants are paying to see the ruthless Top get his virgin asshole ripped open by another ruthless Top. Is anyone else interested? It is nice to see the tables turned.

To prepare for this scene, Sonny Valentine helps Levi out. This is the interesting part because Levi and Sonny have a strained working relationship. The sensual anal play between Sonny and Levi is delicious to witness. Their sex together should be shot as porn for those who enjoy sweet manlove.

However, this is more than a porn story. It's also a story of a son devoted to his mother regardless of how she treats him. The characters are sweet and the conflict is heart-twisting. It's an easy read with a just enough character building. For those enjoy sweet romance, this m/m story is for you.

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