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Christmas Goose
Christmas Goose by Zenina Masters

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The Romance Review

The Shifting Crossroads series is so addictive. For romantics, this is the series which will give nice warm fuzzies. This is because all the stories carry the same themes of love, family and loyalty.

In CHRISTMAS GOOSE, Tyla is the one who needs to learn about healthy family dynamics and love. Her family depends upon her, but they are neither loyal or loving. Instead, they rob her of a life and keep her under a punishing house arrest. Why?

Because she is the goose who lays the golden egg. Does she really lay an egg? No. She's more like the King Midas of the finance world. Her ability is pretty nifty and it is easy to see why her spoiled rotten family would fight to keep her. Too bad they treated her so poorly.

This Christmas theme story is heartwarming as Tyla learns to live a little. She meets her mate, Arkenon, at Crossroads and proceeds to see how other people interact and live. So many little things people take for granted, she experiences for the first time. She is a bit of the princess in a tower yet she doesn't want to be the damsel in distress saved by a knight. She wants to be free. Can Arkenon overcome his white knight complex and allow Tyla to spread her wings?

It looked a bit rough at first. Arkenon is jaded and thinks all women want when they go to Crossroads is to find a man to save them. Tyla is definitely a shock to him and wakes him up.

Ms. Masters does a lovely job of showing how good family dynamics can be. She excels at painting a romantic sweet picture for readers to moon over and enjoy. She is a romantic at heart which comes through clearly through these stories. The conflicts are realistic and the people are human, despite their shifter powers. All the characters possess flaws and that is what makes them endearing.

This paranormal romance is recommended for those who enjoy "love conquers all" theme.

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      Christmas Goose (Shifting Crossroads, #11)




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