Review: Darkness Splintered

Darkness Splintered
Darkness Splintered by Keri Arthur

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Why? Why does Ms. Arthur torture me in this manner? This is yet again another great installment in this series. Risa is once again forced between a rock and a hard place. She shouldn't need to worry about her enemies going after friends and loved ones. She is quickly losing them, one after another.

Risa is still under great duress to find these bloody keys. It's not looking good. At the rate she is going, the world is going to hell. Not sure how Ms. Arthur is going to write herself out of this monolithic cluster fuck. All Risa's enemies are much more powerful than her. Risa doesn't not gain any new powers either to fight against them. She keeps striving to move forward on gas fumes. She is beyond empty and low on powerful allies.

Her love interest is still complicated yet it seems to come to a happy balance now - thankfully. Risa's acceptance of her new state will help since it will make a big difference in her future. I'm sure Ms. Arthur will leave that story untold too, leaving readers wondering and frustrated.

The story moves at a good pace and more is revealed about each group wanting the keys. Their motivation, allegiances and how they came to existence is layout out in black and white. This installment is big on the reveals. The most surprising discovery is Madeline Hunter's background. It came out of left field yet it makes sense. It also makes Madeline a bit more scary for those who know this mythical creature's mythology.

What I enjoy most about Ms. Arthur's books is the sense of hopelessness. The good guy doesn't always win in her books and it helps make it feel more realistic, even if it is a paranormal book. Her books are dark and filled with frustrating mistakes which cost the heroine. Risa better come up with a better plan because what she is doing right now isn't cutting it. Highly recommended for paranormal lovers who root for the underdog.

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