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Dungeon Building
Dungeon Building by Melinda Barron

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The Romance Review

An officer of the law who is also a Dominant, let's get kinky!

Evelyn Barkley is a badly burned submissive who swore off men, especially men in the lifestyle. Unfortunately for her, it's been three years and her sublimated desires are ready to burst free. Getting involved with Logan Hendricks, a cop in the small town where she lives is not the best idea. Not only is the town rife with gossip, her job as a newspaper editor does pose as possible conflict with an officer of the law. However, once Logan caught her submissive scent, he isn't about to let her go.

This story is bizarre. Is it an erotic re-awakening or is it a murder mystery? The murder mystery part felt too contrived. It also is unnecessary noise which could have been left out. Yes, there is a little tie-in with packages delivered to Evie by Logan. Still, it is too forced and doesn't really add to the story.

Focusing on the BDSM, I'm also mixed. There are times where I wanted to smack Logan on the back of his head. The BDSM in here is romanticized. This is what people "think" happens between a Dominant and their submissive. Can it happen this way? Perhaps, but it would be few and far between. As I've been more active in the lifestyle, Logan's actions are a bit hilarious to me. His orders and how he engages with Evie are heavy-handed and would get him a swift kick in the nuts in real life. While Ms. Barron does show a bad example with Carl, most of the BDSM dynamics in here are fictional.

Basically, suspend your disbelief and just enjoy the BDSM fantasy. The BDSM tools in this story are pretty nifty. The breast vice is appealing and something I'd like to see and try. My favourite is the bed cage which is very hawt. I've seen something like this before and it would be a bit of fun to use every so often. However, if it were 24/7, it wouldn't be for me.

Even if Logan's discipline rubs me wrong, DUNGEON BUILDING is still an enjoyable read. This book cannot be used as any type of BDSM 101 guide, but it can definitely be used for kinky erotic fantasy. This kinky romance is recommended for those who like BDSM fantasy with a hot uniformed male Dominant.

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