Review: For The Sub

For The Sub
For The Sub by Sierra Cartwright

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The Romance Review

When a submissive who is also wife and lover dies, how does a Dominant survive?

Master Niles is an experienced Dominant who is on auto pilot. He still scenes but it's all impersonal. He functions as a Top and doesn't need the D/s anymore. Brandy Hess is a submissive at the same club as Master Niles. They have crossed paths several times but never enjoyed a scene together. The timing is never right. This time, during a private party, a spark generates between the two.

The BDSM in this story is sweet and light. Ms. Cartwright is always a good read who creates BDSM scenes with steamy sensuality. The BDSM is realistic and gives interested kinky readers a good vicarious read. The plot of this story is sweet and simplistic. The world building is realistic with a contemporary vibe. The characters are really what make this story enjoyable.

Brandy is a woman with a soft heart. She adopts pets and humans who need help. Too bad the humans usually burn her. No good deed goes unpunished. The more endearing one is Niles who woos Brandy through her pets. It is sugary sweet and will make many a female sigh in desire.

The conflict in this story is a bit contrived but it's understandable. The issue I have with this story is how easily it is resolved. It felt too hurried. Still, it is a romance which means a happily ever after is required. It is a good, plausible ending.

This series is a great one to introduce erotic readers into the kinky side of life. Each one of these shows a human side to the lifestyle. It's not all pleasurable thorns with the roses; there are ups and downs. This book is perfect as a Gateway to BDSM selection.

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      For The Sub (Mastered, #5)




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