Review: Porpoisefully Yours

Porpoisefully Yours
Porpoisefully Yours by Tymber Dalton

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Ding dong, the witch is dead! Wait, scratch that. Erik is NOT dead. This gimpy dolphin shifting psycho is now even more bitter and even madder. Can we get off the crazy train? Or is it a crazy boat?

What should be a great start to their life together in a new home turns into a state of constant fear. Sean and Emery move into the home for the new Alpha of this dolphin pod. Things seem to be going well. Before they know it, they are on another emotional rollercoaster.

Once again there are multiple events going on which may leave the reader confused. Even Sean is frustratingly befuddled. Emery keeps many secrets to protect Sean. It appears Sean isn't man enough to handle the truth. Emery is afraid it may break Sean if he learns anything more about the shifter world, politics and threats. Sean takes exception to this thought and sticks it to Emery. Sean gives Emery a much deserved ass reaming and it's so good to read!

For those who read the Triple Trouble series, the secrets and hush-hushed events will make more sense. Even without the cross series threads, this latest in the series is an adrenaline fueled action-packed pace. Sean and Emery have multiple things thrown at them. Some of their happiness is brought about through great tragedy. If there is one thing readers can say about Ms. Dalton, it's that she doesn't pull her punches. She kills off characters in each book. Not all of them are the bad guys either.

Her stories are interesting because she balances the wins between evil and good. It's not exactly lopsided favoritism towards evil or good. It's a tie at who scores against the other side. I find this riveting because it makes the stories feel more realistic and painful. I feel something when I read her stories because it isn't all happy unicorns with rainbows. People who are loved are brutally killed. Vengeance and retribution is then meted out, but not with the most positive of results. Even when the threat is over, the aftermath is a traumatic hangover.

This story is recommended to those who enjoy m/m drama with a bittersweet ending.

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      Porpoisefully Yours (Placida Pod #4)




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