Review: Safe Word

Safe Word
Safe Word by Molly Weatherfield

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Sting (Kink) Rating: ★★★★✰
Story Review Rating: 4 Paddles

The sequel to Carrie's Story is an interesting continuation of Carrie's chronicles. A year has passed since Carrie's been sold by Jonathan. Carrie's return gives both Jonathan and the reader a glimpse into her year in captivity. She's been trained as a racing pony girl. She shares her experiences with Jonathan in exchange for stories from him.

From a technical perspective, Ms. Weatherfield's writing is flawless. The story is well written with a gentle amble with many rest stops. The narration is smooth when switching between Jonathan and Carrie's narration. The grammar is superb. This is why it rated a four star for a technically well written story. From a BDSM perspective, the pony training is delicious. It's well done and interesting. The puppy play as well as some of the other BDSM scenes are all smoothly written. This is also why the kinky rating is a four.

From an enjoyment perspective, this is a three star, maybe a two. What is lacking in this story is emotion. This story came across as clinical and disengaging. There was no heat. There was envy and petulance, but nothing else. Jonathan demonstrated his immaturity with a couple of stunts he pulled. Is this story about Carrie or is it about Jonathan and his love for Kate? It's difficult to say. The first hundred and fifty pages moved very slow. The good stuff came in when Kate becomes a pivotal character. The scenes which take place at Kate's home generates the most erotic heat. This is for both Carrie's interaction with Kate and Jonathan's mastery of Kate. When the story nears the end, it seems this complicated relationship will resolve in a happy ménage. The ending is unexpected and leaves a reader dissatisfied. For a story with such heat and build up in the later half, the climax fizzled out with a ruined orgasm.

For some, this story will remind them of the Story of O. There are many parallels. Just like O, the story is an erotic awakening and journey. While both may be lauded as a classic and good writing, from a reader perspective it lacks erotic and sensual heat. Somehow, Ms. Weatherfield sucked the sexiness out of the BDSM and made it flat. For science fiction fans, the apt comparison is Data or Spock reciting the mating rituals of a subculture in complete detachment for a ship log. This leaves the reader a bit empty. This kinky story is recommended for those who enjoy the annals of a human pony sex slave.

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