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Sea of Shadows
Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

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Ms. Armstrong is a winner for me. This new series is a must read for those who love quests. Moria and Ashyn are twins chosen to be the Keeper and Seeker. This is a position which can be highly dangerous. For the most part they have a straightforward job. This year, things take a turn which goes from bad to worse. Even though these two girls are in their mid-teens, make no mistakes, this is no YA drama lama book. What I enjoyed most in this story is the darkness. This isn't a sweet fantasy with unicorns, rainbows and princesses. This is a journey filled with peril and death. Moria and Ashyn are not afraid of defending nor are they squeamish. This is a big relief.

This is the kind of book which should young adults should read. These two girls demonstrate loyalty, determination and a will to survive. They aren't shallow psychotic females crying over a guy or wanting to live forever. Moria is a spitfire who will do whatever it takes to get to her sister. She is headstrong, stubborn and amazingly resilient. Ashyn is just as strong and quite the survivor.

Ms. Armstrong creates great characters who are admirable. Her females are always strong and kick ass. Her males are a bit different. They seem to always be flawed with chips on their shoulders. They always have daddy issues. It's kind of amusing in this sense because generally it is the other way around. The two males of interests for Moria and Ashyn are both conflicted yet still with a sense of honour. The way they balance the twins promises to develop into something quite interesting.

The world building is intriguing if a bit scantily doled out. There is a mix of Japanese mythology and vampires. I'm not sure where it is all heading but I definitely want to find out. This first book does a great job of setting up the story arc. It gives the basic background required to understand how this world functions. The reader learns who is in power and how the different settlements work. The ending of this book is frustrating because it ends right as the plot thickens and the action should start. One can only hope the next book in this series comes out quickly to reveal the next part in this saga. Hopefully the next book will move a little faster with more action. This book is highly recommended to fantasy lovers who enjoy strong female leads.

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