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Silence by Michelle Sagara

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Always a fan of Ms. Sagara, she ones again pulls me in and I end up reading this in one sitting. This is a really good young adult book. This is what I consider top notch and quality writing. There is just enough of the teen mentality and angst for a teen to relate. Fortunately, there is no psychotic drama lama characters. Best of all, no one too stupid to live.

The thing with Ms. Sagara is, she doesn't see the world like the rest of us boring humans. Her perspective is very different and completely out of the box. Every series I've read of hers takes a standard concept and completely makes it fresh, unique and mind blowing. In Silence, my mind is reeling with the ramifications of being a necromancer. The world here is complicated and I can't wait to read more in this series to understand how the Queen of the Dead works. There are so many hints of what is yet to come.

The character development is once again fabulous. The main character, Emma is the focus of the story. Yet her supporting Scooby gang or I guess Amy's Emery Mafia received excellent attention. The attention given to each character is fascinating. They are so real. I can visualize them. They are also so unique. While I'm impressed with Amy and Allison, I fell for Michael. Michael is autistic and Ms. Sagara does a good job of presenting Michael. The way these kids take him under their wing and how they help him live a good life.

Emma is an admirable girl who isn't perfect. She's a kind of girl I would have loved to have as a friend. She's loyal, caring and possesses a strong sense of justice. Best of all, she is accepting and sees how people really are, there doesn't need to be any pretenses.

This is what I love best about Ms. Sagara's stories. The lead character is always given a power they don't understand and wrestle with the responsibility. They are not the smartest. They are not richest. What they do have is a loyal set of friends. Friends who would do anything to help them. Friends that would die for them. In return, the lead character would do the same and more. Highly recommended to urban fantasy lovers who want to read an excellent young adult novel.

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