Review: Triage (Doctor Dom Volume 1)

Triage (Doctor Dom Volume 1)
Triage (Doctor Dom Volume 1) by Tara Crescent

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Hello Doctor! Medical kink is a fetish I can completely get behind. While many women may fear the gyno chair, I've always found it to be arousing, regardless of who is spreading my pussy.

In Triage, Ms. Crescent sets up a delicious little doctor's appointment for Lisa. Lisa is single and picks up a sexy surgeon who is willing to "Play Doctor" with her. Patrick is single, in his early 40s and a doctor. I'm sorry, remind me again why he is single? If he works long hours and the women he dates just don't put up with it, I can understand. But really, his demographics is highly sought after. The only downside for the poor guy is that most of the women come with baggage - little germ factories called kids.

I like that Ms. Crescent doesn't bore us with a single mom with kids. Instead, she takes Lisa, an independent and sexually aware woman to match up to Patrick's desires. While the characters are sexually compatible, they were both a bit forgettable. What do I mean? Here's the thing. I am not fond of first person point of view. It's rare that it can be pulled off well. To have this story in first person from both Lisa and Patrick's perspective isn't something I enjoy. At least Ms. Crescent split them up with clear delineation. If she did not, it would be hard to tell who was who. I say this because both Lisa and Patrick have the same "voice". They thought the same and they spoke the same. They were androgynous as far as I could tell. Both were nervous. Both were a bit introspective about their single status. The dialog they used was interchangeable.

From two fronts, I recommend some changes. First, if there is to be changes in point of view, stick to third person. Second, regardless of point of view, focus on character development so that the two main characters behave uniquely and have their own style of speaking. This will allow the characters to become more engaging. This also allows the characters to be more memorable. More memorable equals higher ratings. If the goal is for the story to make the "spank bank", then crank up the sexual deviance with gritty graphic detail and more intense humiliation.

The kinky medical exam is really what makes this story good. Since Patrick is more of a sensualist, the medical kink took a sexy erotic slant. This makes it a good story for most readers starting out with their medical kink. There is no humiliation or pain in the scenes. Recommended for kinky readers who love to "play doctor".

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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