Review: Without Porpoise

Without Porpoise
Without Porpoise by Tymber Dalton

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A lover scorned becomes even more dangerous. Erik loves Emery and if he can't have Emery, then no one can.

In the third in this series, Erik completely goes off the reservation. He's a hunted man wanted for murder. The pods will kill him on sight. Instead of giving up, he comes up with an even crazier plan to destroy Emery's life. While Erik is plotting, Emery is doing his best to understand what it takes to become the Alpha of a dolphin pod.

This story is just one messed up love turned into hate. The seething rage emanates from the story as the reader is witnessing Erik's madness. When Emery explains to his mate, Sean, some of Erik's bitterness towards humans, one can feel bad for Erik but it does not justify his actions.

This world is becoming more complicated for both the reader and Sean. Those who follow the Triple Trouble series will be happy to note a few cameos--a sexy goddess and her smoking hawt mates. A couple of others also appear to help Emery and Sean out. In addition, another group of shifters are introduced--sharks. Just like Sean, the readers may wonder what other shifters will appear. Rabbits? Mongoose? Beavers? Who knows? This hidden world being revealed is becoming too much of a strain on some of the humans.

The story is quite drama filled and includes smoking hawt m/m sex. Emery may be the alpha, but in the bedroom, he bottoms for Sean. Sean is an ass buster who will always help Emery become grounded when things become too chaotic. The story does move at a fast pace with many different events occurring at the same time. Ms. Dalton somehow pulls it all together in the end with a resolution that leaves a reader wondering. It's still a happy ending, but there is a niggling doubt that all is well.

Recommended for dolphin lovers who enjoy m/m romance with a vindictive twist.

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