Protection, Cleaning and First Aid

Normally, I have a sex toy review.   This month, let's talk about preventative care, cleaning and first aid for toys and equipment for play parties.


        What does this entail? The most common items we think about are condoms and gloves. Now some people are allergic to latex so it is recommended to have nitrile gloves and non-latex condoms. Fun Fact: those who are allergic to latex can also have allergies to bananas and kiwi. Don't believe me? Click here. To learn more about latex allergies, click here. To learn more about how latex is made, click here. These protective gears can be found in drug stores and on-line distributors like Amazon.

        What about eye protection? If you are going to do heavy bloodplay, a pair of protective glasses is recommended. Be forewarn, many parties, clubs and dungeons are not set up to handle heavy bloodplay so it is best to bring your own protective gear and cleaning agents. It is also quite possible parties, clubs and dungeons will not allow bloodplay regardless of the partners being fluid bonded. Blood or fluids can splatter, it is best to have not only a plastic sheet to protect the floor, walls and/or furniture, but also something absorbent to lay on.

        Inspire Disposable Underpads, 23 Inches X 36 Inches can come in counts of 300. These can be good for pet play as well as ABDL. These are absorbent enough that a bit of waterplay is even possible. These can also be purchased at drug stores or Amazon. They are just under $60 in the States and it is Prime Shipping!


        Have you been in these scenarios?

1. When you use an equipment that is not yours, do you trust it has been cleaned?
2. If you are a new to a club and you don't know their policies or haven't seen how they clean, what should you do?
3. You are at a kinky convention and you don't know who used the equipment last?

        If you are like me, you'd rather be safe than sorry. What are the most popular cleaning agents? Can you name them? Click to verify your answers.

(view spoiler)

        Are these the ones you thought of too? What if I were to tell you that these are okay, but still give you a chance to catch HIV or Hep? What do you do? Avoid other people's equipment? Don't go to public places? Bring Exam Table Paper Rolls used at doctor's offices everywhere you go to play? There is actually something else that is recommended. Barbicide is inexpensive and easily purchased at beauty salon wholesale stores and Amazon. This 32 oz will last a very long time. It's also easy to carry in spray bottles. To learn more about Barbicide, click here. To use Barbicide, spray down the equipment and leave it sitting for 5 minutes. 10 minutes is the recommended and then wipe it down. Now you are done!

Barbicide Picture

        You may think, bleach kills everything, why can't I use it? Because it may not be fast enough or it may damage the equipment. Bleach is fine for non-permeable toys. Use a bleach solution that is no less than 1 part bleach to 6 parts water. What about permeable ones? Can I use an autoclave sterilizer? Yes, you could use an autoclave to sterilize but once again it could damage permeable tools. Plus autoclaves are better for toys and they are very expensive and not the best portable device to bring around.

        So how do I clean my tools and toys? For the non-permeable, you can actually throw them in the dishwasher if you have a sanitize mode. Just make sure to empty the dishwasher before family members like kids and/or parents come home. For leathers such as floggers, crops and whips, you can use a few methods to clean.

Method 1 for Leathers
        Fluid bonded to only one play partner. That toy is only for one person. This can get expensive and limit your play. If you are monogamous, then this is the easiest.

Method 2 for Leathers
        UV- leave it in the sun for over 24 hours of exposure and it will kill everything. The problem is that it may cause the leather to fade.

Method 3 for Leathers
        Leave it to hang in a dry place for 30 days. This can be a problem if you want to play more frequently.

        There has been the question of taking items to a Tanning salon to be exposed to UV for cleaning in this manner. I thought it was pretty good but I'm not sure if this really works. So while it is a creative idea, I wouldn't rely on it.

First Aid

        I LOVE first aid kits. I have a thing for them because I just love bandages and all the other fun stingy stuff. Plus I do enjoy medical kink! But seriously, what should you keep in your first aid kit? It really depends on how you play.

Basic kit
        Standard First Aid Kits from most stores should be fine.

1. Medicine for any medical illnesses you or your play partner may have. Make sure it is NOT expired.
2. Band-Aids - I like all fun sizes from small to large cotton gauze
3. Antiseptic wipes
4. Antibiotic ointment
5. Bandage wraps - can double for bondage!
6. Medical trauma shears - this is important to be able to help cut through rope quickly.
7. Clean cloth towel
8. Paper towels
9. Barbicide spray
10. Trashbag for things to dispose and also used toys

Optional Items
1. Ice pack
2. Eye wash
3. CPR face shield - they come in nice key ring sizes very inexpensive on Amazon
4. Splints - also on Amazon quite inexpensive - make sure to have wraps to hold the splint in place
5. Body bag - for those who are dripping with blood, it's best to use a body bag to help the person to a cleaning station. Otherwise blood is dripped all over.

BA's Bag
        I happen to carry a trauma first aid kit. This is because I'd rather be prepared. This is not a cheap kit. I have several of these in the house and in my kit. Dark Gen 3 Complete Kit Civ Black is what I purchased from Dark Angel Medical. I attended their two day Tactical Aid Course. It was intense and well worth the money. The hands on practice alone is helpful.

Last Thoughts

        I want all of you to have fun when you play, but not regret it afterwards because you caught something. Or someone got hurt and there were no first aid kits. Don't trust others to take care of the safety for you. You are empowered to create your own kits and have them handy for yourself. One last piece of advice. After you play with your toys, don't leave them stuffed in a bag or suitcase. Take them out, clean them and air them out. Then put them away clean so they are ready for your next playtime.


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