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Dirty Deeds
Dirty Deeds by S.E. Jakes

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Hawt online sex and night club hook up is an erotic delight. Dirty Deeds kicks off another spin off in this world of sexy gay special ops men. Oh boy is this one sexually stimulating. Ms. Jakes pulls me in panting and overheating with desire as Mal and Cillian get it on. Warning, this book cannot be read as a standalone. Even though this is the first in this series, many of the characters and how they interact with each other are explained in Hell or High Water series. Both Mal and Cillian are secondary characters in that series.

For example, Mal is tied to Prophet who is the main character in Hell or High Water. Prophet's tie to Cillian is living in the same apartment complex. Well, Cillian is actually more than a neighbor, he is assigned to shadow Prophet. In addition, Cillian and Prophet flirt shamelessly on instant message. Mal is more direct in his flirting.

Mal would’ve asked Cillian if he wanted to fuck goddamned nine hundred texts earlier. loc. 209-209

For the love of fuck, did either of them stop to think that they could’ve done the entire Kama Sutra at this point? All talk and no sex meant that the attraction between these guys was something neither of them wanted to act on. loc. 211-213

Mal possesses no such reservation. His intentions are clear with a picture of his dick. Now this is the kind of sexual advances I'm interested in, if the male member is deliciously large and uncut. I digress.

The characters in this story are fabulous. Mal is a pushy brat with a history which is finally revealed. He's a character one can easily like. Cillian is the super sexy toppy British double O seven-esque agent. When he talks about fisting and spankings, it makes my panties moist. Love it. The sex scenes are definitely arousing and a delight to read.

This fast and furious sexting is dangerous as the two men play a high stakes game to uncover a person of interest. What they uncover is much more than either expected and it leaves this book in a frustrating cliffhanger. Ms. Jakes moves this story along in an action packed pace between sex and violence. Either a man is ejaculating or dying. When truths are revealed, a not so surprised reader is left with a gut wrench sense of doom. Where is the next installment? This book is recommended to kinky m/m readers who enjoy sex and suspense.

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