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Do Not Disturb: An Erotica CollectionDo Not Disturb: An Erotica Collection by Rachel Kramer Bussel

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An erotic feast is decadently catered by the talented author and editor Ms. Kramer.  Do Not Disturb is a collection surrounding erotica and sex with a theme location - hotel rooms.  It is quite apropos this reader read the anthology on a business trip whilst staying in a lovely hotel room.  Every single story is a steamy erotic read.  There is not a bad one in the bunch.  Once again, the reader is treated to sumptuous sexual combinations.  This is to be expected when Ms. Kramer is involved in a book's publication.

The authors titillate a reader through their witty dialog or blast the reader with arousing imagery.  My favourite one is by Ms. de Fer.  Her story leaves a reader yearning for me.  It ends right as it gets really good.

‘I’m sure you’ll have a lovely time,’ Emma said, her warmth as genuine as a prostitute’s orgasm. (A Touch of Class, a Bit of Rough by Rose de Fer, p.86)

‘Someday I’m going to tie you down spread-eagled over a table in the kitchen with Jean-Michel,’ he said, his words punctuated by powerful thrusts. ‘We’ll take turns licking honey off your nipples and then he can have your pussy while I fuck your arse.’ (A Touch of Class, a Bit of Rough by Rose de Fer, p.95)

‘No, you’re not,’ Lord Charnock said, and Emma caught the hint of a smile in his expression. He seated himself on the ottoman at the foot of the bed and rolled up his right sleeve. Then he patted his knee. (A Touch of Class, a Bit of Rough by Rose de Fer, p.98)

Reading through all these sexually explicit tales, it makes a reader wonder what goes on in a hotel room.  When the do not disturb sign hangs off a hotel door knob, what is happening behind the closed doors?  Will it be like Ms. Kitten's "Ssshh, No Speaking!" ?  Will there be strangers enjoying a hard fucking without words?  Or will there be a naughty student seducing a professor such as "Poisons" by C├Ęsar Sanchez Zapata?  The one which is a completely guilty pleasure is Suite Surrender by Willow Sears.  Generally, I avoid stories with this plot device.  Ms. Sears does a spectacular job with mind fucking both the reader and poor husband.  From hotel staff behaving badly to married couples kick starting their sex life again, all of it is a treat to read before bedtime.  It also encourages a reader to act a bit more daring whilst staying in a hotel.  Hotel sex seems to be more exciting.  This erotic collection is recommended to kinky readers who want a guaranteed arousing time.

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