Review: Emasculating Her Husband

Emasculating Her HusbandEmasculating Her Husband by Domina Dixon

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I do have a weakness for these stories.  Ms. Dixon is one of the authors I go to for a sexy fun time reading about a man losing himself.  Is this a healthy BDSM femdom story?  Probably not.  Is this true to reality?  Doubtful.  Are all Femdom's like this?  Most likely not.  But boy is this fantasy HAWT!

There is pegging, cbt, forced sissification, humiliation and lactation!  What is not to enjoy in panty wetting goodness here? There is just the right balance between story and sexy porn.  There is also a delicious balance between the humiliation and sex.  Although honestly, more graphic sex is always appreciated. 

Poor Patrick is a naughty husband.  Overcompensating by being a dick macho man to his wife and niece ends him up in hot water when his secret sexual desires are revealed.  This is a fast story of sissifying decent for Patrick.  Megan is a minx and not really someone I liked in the story. She's a bit of a cunt.  I could have done without her. Theresa, the wife is still okay because she does love her husband.  She continues to love him as he comes under her power.  It's sweet in some ways.

Ms. Dixon takes it a bit further than some authors by bringing in fantasy legal power of attorney and the financial aspect.  It's an emasculation from a physically and psychological front.  Well done!  Recommended for sissification lovers who like both mind and ass fucking.

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      Emasculating Her Husband




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