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Gilded Hearts (The Shadow Guild, #1)Gilded Hearts by Christine d'Abo

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Absolutely fabulous!  Ms. D'abo is an author I've read over the years and enjoyed her kinky erotic romances.  This is a new genre she's writing in.  She's done an excellent job with her steampunk world building.  This new world of Archivist and memories is mind blowing.  From page one, I was hooked and had to read the entire story in one sitting. 

Sam Hawkins is a lawman, escaped from the Archivist.  He's pulled back to this sinister guild when one of his homicide cases requires an archivist to harvest the memories.  Piper Smith used to be the little girl hanging off his arm when they were at the guild together.  While she was the shining star, he was the constant whipping boy.  Reunited years later, both of them have grown.  The attraction to each other is still there.  In fact, it only increased with each renewed contact.

The characters in this story are lovely.  I really liked Sam.  He's the quiet steady one.  Piper is a headstrong idealist.  The two of them together is like listening to a melody and harmony weaving in and out.  It's beautiful.  Their relationship takes a step forward and several back.  It is all entwined with memories.  Ms. D'abo takes an interesting perspective of what it means to have a soul.  The reason why people's memories are saves is also fascinating.  The abuse of this kind of power is great.  The blending of spiritual and steam powered machines is what makes this an awesome steampunk story. 

Ms. D'abo completely steps up her writing skills in this book.  She's developed a compelling plot with provocative concepts and alluring technology.  It is all up my alley.  As the reader learns more about this world she's created, it generates more questions and yearning to read the next book in the series.  I highly recommend this steampunk tale to those who love to question what it means to exist and what death really means.

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      Gilded Hearts (The Shadow Guild, #1)




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