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His Little Treasure (Bondage Ranch)His Little Treasure by Sindra van Yssel

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New to BDSM and want to know what not to do? This is the book to clearly show the "goofs".

Emma is a shy exhibitionist who goes with her friend Valerie to a weekend of kinky fun at the Bondage Ranch. She is in search of a strong alpha Dominant to blow her mind. Diego is a Dominant who finds Emma attractive and is ready to test her boundaries.

This series is definitely one for the Gateway to BDSM readers. Emma is an interesting character. She's just starting in her BDSM journey. She comes with many preconceived notions as well as some sexual hang-ups. Ms. van Yssel does a good job of showing how a person new to the lifestyle needs to work through some of their fears. While Emma may be aggravating to me with how she response to Diego, I can easily see someone who is nervous about kinky sex respond in this manner.

What is really good about this story is how Diego, a more experienced lifestyler, helps Emma on her sexual journey. He pushes Emma's boundaries a bit as well as helping her understand her own deviant desires. It's sad when people are sexually repressed and not comfortable in their own skin. Ms. van Yssel does a good job of contrasting those who revel in their sexuality and those who are starting to see the kinky light.

The BDSM in the story is very good. It's a Ms. van Yssel book, so it is expected to have accurate scenes which illicit arousal. The mind fucking, exhibitionism, light bondage and spanking are at the right level for those who want realism to their BDSM story. The scenes are familiar sights for one attending a kinky convention or a play party. The range of playing and sexual combinations are just as varied as it is depicted in this book.

Recommended for kinky readers who want a glimpse into a private BDSM play party.

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      His Little Treasure (Bondage Ranch)




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