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Illicit Relations (Boys Will Do Boys #5)Illicit Relations by Lucy Felthouse

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Incestuous affairs are wicked hawt.  When it's m/m, it could get smoking hawt.  In Illicit Relations, it's a sweet sensual coming of age for two closeted gay males.  Terry and Justin are "kissing" cousins.  But really, since they are both men, where's the harm?  They won't have any kids together from the combination of their DNA.

This is the part of the story which made me go what on earth?  Justin is hung up on Terry being blood related to him because it means if they were to ever break up, they would still see each other at family events.  Stop.  Let's think about this for a moment.  Even if they weren't blood related and they both go to all family events, wouldn't it still be awkward it they broke up? From a plausibility of conflict, this is a fail for me.  I can understand if Justin is freaked out because it's someone is he related to and he can't image having his dicked sucked or asshole fucked by them.  For some, just being blood related no matter how distance would feel like sleeping with your mother or grandmother. Or in this instance, father, grandfather or uncle.  It can really make a dick go limp.  It's definitely a psychological hang-up and perfectly understandable. 

When a predictable fact is revealed, all is magically right in the world.  Ms. Felthouse then cranks up the heat with some innocent manlove.  This is a cute interlude of two virgins making their first time together special.  The story moves in a good pace with not an extra word added in.  This tightly written romance is a fun read.  This story's message is uncomplicated and gives a nice warm fuzzy feeling.  Family sticks together and being gay is nothing to be ashamed about.  What more could two young gay males just coming out want?  Recommended for m/m readers who enjoy a sweet romance with a happily ever after.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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      Illicit Relations (Boys Will Do Boys #5)




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