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Lost Roar (Shifting Crossroads, #12)Lost Roar by Zenina Masters

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Crossroads is an extremely addictive series. Every time a new one comes out, I have to read it. Of all the installments, my favourite one so far is LOST ROAR. This one moved me the most.

Nicia is a survivor. She's a lioness who was kept as a guard beast with a painful metal choke collar staked outside her father's home. Her socialization to society outside of the cult she grew up in is difficult. She never learned how to be a child. She doesn't have much to smile about. After she's rescued by her mother's family, things are different. She becomes interested in looking for a mate. She does know she can't mate with a male lion, so where will she find him? Crossroads it is!

This story with a dark start is overlaid with a beautiful story of survival and making a difference. What is lovely about Nicia is that she is comfortable with who she is. She knows what she is and she sees no reason to be different. What is she? She's a strong huntress.

Ms. Masters does a lovely job in her character development here. Nicia is a character I can really admire. She's also funny in a twisted way, which amuses me to no end. For example, when Nicia is played by Braxton, an interested wolf shifter, she uses her claws on him to teach him a lesson. She draws blood.

    Nicia stalked back to the Open Heart, greeted Teebie politely and licked the blood from her claws as she headed up the stairs. He didn't taste half bad. (p. 32)

This kind of writing appeals to me. Ms. Masters keeps me smiling throughout the story. Her little touches of how other prey shifters respond to Nicia's intense huntress vibe is hysterically funny. It also turns me on. A strong predatory female who possesses a strong sense of justice is extremely attractive.

The tale does move quite fast and there are details left out. Still, the overall story is so enjoyable. Between Nicia finding a mate, applying for a job and doling out a bit of justice, the reader will feel a sense of satisfaction. Nicia's accomplishments generates a feeling of rightness and that good won in this battle against evil. At the end of this story, I'm yearning for more.

Unfortunately, each story is a standalone so this is the one and only time readers will enjoy Nicia and Braxton's sexy hotness. This paranormal romance is for readers who love to hear a woman roar.

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      Lost Roar (Shifting Crossroads, #12)




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