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MisbehavingMisbehaving by Tiffany Reisz

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A sex blogger in search of a sexual partner to test out a sexual manual to write a book review.  Now why didn't I think of this?  Beatriz is a sex blogger who is paid to review sex toys and books.  She receives free sex toys.  I'm still stuck on this part due to envy.  Beatriz is attending Carolyn, her sister's wedding.  Even though she's on vacation, she ends up having to work.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it.  Ben, the boy who left her high and dry in college is also at the wedding.  Sparks fly when they meet up.

Ms. Reisz is an excellent erotic writer.  Her trademark seems to be female leads who are sexually comfortable in their own skin.  In addition, they are sexually open and their occupation involves writing.  It's good that Ms. Reisz what she knows, because the stories come across positive and well researched. 

Ms. Reisz's characters are fun.  In this light hearted erotic story, there are some nods to popular culture as well as amusing repartee. The two secondary characters, Carolyn and her fiancĂ© bicker like an old married couple already.

“Good. Go talk to Ben.” [Carolyn]

“Can I fuck my bride-to-be first please?” [Henry]

“No. Ben first. Then me.” [Carolyn]

“I have to fuck Ben first? Good thing he’s pretty. You know he was bisexual for one week in college?” [Henry]

“Henry.” [Carolyn]

“And you can just get lost in those blue eyes. I call that color Chris Pine blue.” [Henry]

“Henry.” [Carolyn]

“I want to be the Spock to his Kirk. You know, the J.J. Abrams reboot, not the original series.” [Henry]
(loc. 310-314)

More examples of funny quips come from both Ben and Beatriz.

“I can’t read while you’re doing that. Your vagina has rendered me illiterate.” (loc. 494-495)

What I enjoy most about Ms. Reisz's stories is how she advocates healthy messages about sexual relations.  In most cases, I agree with her stance.

When I’m having good sex, I’m the happiest, least violent person on earth. If people had more and better sex and felt less guilty about it, we’d live in a much better world.” (loc. 709-710)

No sex position, no matter how well-written, can make up for the lack of a good partner. A good partner can make even awkward sex enjoyable. If the sex doesn’t work, at least you can laugh about it together. A good partner makes sure you’re enjoying yourself as much as he’s enjoying himself. A good partner is adventurous, open-minded, willing to try anything his partner wants to try. (loc. 1352-1355)

Then why is this only a three star rating?  I didn't feel much for the two main characters.  Even though this book is about "getting it on", the sex in it was rather tame and boring compared to other Ms. Reisz books.  While I can admire Beatriz's  occupation, her behaviour leaves much to be desired.  Ben is also a forgettable character.  The one who stole the show is the kinky quirky bellhop.  Let's get more of him!  He reminds me of the bellhop from Four Rooms.  Still, this book is a fun and light read.  It's a good introduction to Ms. Reisz.  Recommended for romance readers who love lost loves reunited.

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