Review: Prince of Silk and Thorns

Prince of Silk and ThornsPrince of Silk and Thorns by Cherry Dare

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Fans of deviant sex and fantasy mixed together may enjoy this m/m fantasy.  This story is difficult to categorize because it blurs all the lines.  There are children of fallen angels, sexual slavery and political intrigue.  Is this a fantasy or paranormal?  Does it matter?  Prince Alar is a royal who abuses his power by enslaving people in his kingdom.  In his latest ride through the country side, he spies upon farmboy Garin and seizes him to be his latest sexual conquest.

From a BDSM perspective, there is very little here.  The BDSM is light with restraints, gag and a blindfold between Alar and Garin.  The other parts aren't really what I consider BDSM.  If this was a non-con sex slave story with TPE and sexual training for Garin, then maybe.  Maybe it would be classified as BDSM Fantasy.  It isn't.  What happens here is plain old torture and rape.  Even then, it's mild.  Let's put the caveat that it takes a lot to make me think it's a dark book.  This book is not dark.  It's pretty standard and not too different in violence found in books like Game of Thrones.  A humiliating whipping does not constitute BDSM.  For readers who believe this is the case, they are confused about BDSM.  I can't actually classify this as BDSM but more an erotic awakening journey for Garin.

What is good about this book is the character building.  Ms. Dare does a good job of creating the anti-hero, Price Alar.  He's this evil villain with a purpose.  As the reader learns more about him, he becomes quite likeable and even admirable.  Garin seems to be this dumb peasant who is a liability.  He is not.  His loyalty and courage surpasses expectations.  Ms. Dare does a good job of creating him with more layers that originally meets the eye.  The first third of the book is very slow.  It could stand with a bit of editing to help move the story along.  Once the reader passes the halfway mark, the plot of the story becomes clear.  More action occurs and there are more reveals which helps enhance the story.

The world Ms. Dare creates is interesting.  This notion of fallen angels and how they relate to humans is different.  The interpretation of how the angels live their life before they fall is also intriguing.  Readers may be curious to learn more about this world.  Perhaps Ms. Dare would create a little prequel about Alar's mother, the fallen angel.  If the reader could learn the hardships she faced every day before she chose to fall, it would be fabulous.  Basically, a day in the life of a warrior angel is a fascinating look.  Then if the reader is exposed to her choices and ultimately her sacrifice, it could be quite poignant.  Sometimes the best stories are bittersweet endings.  Still, in this story, it's a happily ever after with a lovely resolution.  It's quite the sweet romance between a prince and his pauper.  Recommended for m/m lovers who root for the underdog and fall for an anti-hero with good intentions.

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