Review: Reading Between the Lines

Reading Between the Lines
Reading Between the Lines by Jane Davitt

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Seth is amazing at reading between the lines. Seth is a soccer jock who is placed with a transfer student for a roommate. Handsome roommate, Gabe, immediately starts out on the wrong foot with Seth. Seth is extremely tolerant and patient with his asshole roommate Gabe. Gabe is rude to Seth for no apparent reason.

Ms. Davitt creates a no win situation for Seth and still turns it into a romance. She does a good job of creating characters in conflict with each other. Gabe's constant jerk behaviour makes him an easy villain in the story. When the reader learns about Gabe's past, there is a bit of pity, yet it doesn't overcome the dislike of Gabe for me. While I can empathize with Gabe's trauma, I cannot condone his irrational behaviour towards innocent Seth.

This story is both depressing and heartwarming. The depressing part is how it is all too easy to see a scenario like this to occur. Gay bashing taking to a dangerous physical extent is appalling yet a realistic threat. The heartwarming part is how Seth response to Gabe. Ms. Davitt almost creates a saint in Seth.

This is a short and sweet m/m romance recommended for those who enjoy a little bit of angst and frustration.

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      Reading Between the Lines




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