Review: Sovereign

Sovereign by Mychael Black

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Secret identities are revealed in the latest installment of the Clutch Wars series. Is this the end? The main characters and secondary characters are all nicely paired up. The latest in is Korin Meyers who runs the underground fighting ring and Beau Trainor. Beau is a dragon with the Bryn Navarro clan. In the last novella, Beau met Korin when Dr. Shane was nearly killed off by Korin's brother.

This story moves very fast. The resolution with the demons ends at the hands of a powerful entity previously hidden. Not only does this new type of supernatural creature come out of nowhere, Sal the healing demon is more than just another demon. The reveals in this story come out of left field. It works for the story but it's a little too pat. This story is like a little Hershey Kiss. It's simple, bit size and melts in your mouth.

The sexy hawt part of this story is Beau and Korin getting it on. There are a couple of scenes involve a dragon tail which is super steamy. Where do I find a dragon shifter to play with? Double penetration has never been so sexy as when a dragon uses his tail to help out. This m/m paranormal romance is a quick read and recommended for kinky readers with a thing for partial shifter sex.

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