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Stately PleasuresStately Pleasures by Lucy Felthouse

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A boss giving twisted sexual tasks to their employee is a quick way to receive a sexual harassment suit.  Jeremy takes a calculated risk when he lures then blackmails Alice into his den of iniquity. He's not alone; he invites his best friend, Ethan to participate.  Does Alice leave in a huff or convince herself it's the only way to sleep her way to a job she wants?  When two sexy and rich men are involved, is there really a decision to be made here?

This ménage is a delicious tale of kinky debauchery.  Ms. Felthouse delights the reader with lovely kinky sex experiments throughout this British stately manor.  Some of the scenes are so tasty and easy to replicate.  Who wouldn't want to be tied up and covered in chocolate?  Then have two men lick off every drop, how could it get better?  This British 9 and a half weeks is an erotic journey with sensual stops.  One must get off at every stop and enjoy it. The story moves in a nice and rolling pace.  It almost undulates in an exotic dancer's manner as each new sexual task is revealed.  It is enticing as Alice follows Jeremy and Ethan through her sexual awakening. The raw exposed emotion from Alice, Ethan and Jeremy as each encounter passes is sweet and reassuring.  The characters in this story are easy to like. 

Ms. Felthouse does a lovely job with her descriptions of each location.  One can really visualize the office, bedroom, maze, kitchen and ballroom.  The way she shows each bonding session entwined with an emotional connection helps enrich the story.  This erotic discovery is a dream come true for Alice and fantasy for many females.  This sweet ménage is recommended for lovers of kinky erotica.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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