Review: Submission in Paradise

Submission in Paradise
Submission in Paradise by Claire Thompson

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fantasy island complete with a sexy male dominant and a BDSM dungeon? Is this Exit to Eden? Where does one book this trip? It would be fabulous! For Shea Devon, it's a forced vacation which goes awry. Her fantasy is romance with candle light dinners. Instead, she's been thrown into the lion's den with spankings, floggings and a cage. Poor Shea doesn't even know what a safeword means!

Liam Jordan helps out a friend by taking on the one week job to be a dominant on her sex fantasy island. A careless employee mixes up the questionnaires and Liam is becomes a nightmare date for Shea. Liam is even more embarrassed than Shea. This bit of comedy of errors is pretty amusing from a reader perspective. Ms. Thompson does a great job of turning a nightmare into a dream come true.

The BDSM in this story is pretty hawt. The floggings and the D/s 101 are perfect for those just learning about BDSM. They are pretty realistic, even down to Shea trying to force herself to take the pain she clearly doesn't want in order to please her dom. The realities of life intruding on a newbie learning the ropes of BDSM is also pretty dead on. It's not easy to balance the two at times. On top of this, a new relationship which becomes long distance across the Atlantic makes it even more complicated. Ms. Thompson does a good job of showing how an independent woman with a high pressured job needs to make decisions on how she wants to live her life. Sometimes having the cake and eating it too is just not possible. But what happens when that cake is no longer the flavour desired? This is what made the story interesting for me. The almost "mid-life" crisis Shea goes through, so that she can re-prioritize and determine what she really wants out of life is relatable for many career women.

The reason why I categorized it as GlitterKink is because of the exclusive private BDSM island. It has nothing to do with the BDSM scenes or the degree of BDSM demonstrated in this book. This is a great beginning BDSM romance for those wanting a little more heat than just handcuffs and a blindfold. Recommended as a Gateway to BDSM book.

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