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Tie the KnotTie the Knot by Cynthia Rayne

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Sexily sneaky, John aka Sax, wants something desperately from his wife.  He desires a kinky sexual relationship but he is afraid to bring it up for fear of rejection.  What does a man do when his needs are not met?  Yes, he steps outside of his marriage and hires someone to satisfy his needs.  "I did not have sexual relationships with that woman" is a famous phrase by a former USA president.  Sax is similar.  What exactly constitutes as a sexual interlude?  Does getting aroused while spanking and disciplining a woman count?  Does masturbating after a corporal discipline session make a difference?

Ms. Rayne pens a sexy little story about a man who doesn’t trust his wife.  This leads him down a path of naughtiness.  She's taken something rather ordinary and made it kinky fun.  Men cheat on their wives all the time.  In this one, Ms. Rayne turns it into a way to bring a couple together.  The conflict is pretty common and the fall out isn't unexpected.  What is nice, is how the characters make up.

Ms. Rayne creates fun characters with flaws and all.  She lets Maggie fly her kink flag and it's a surprisingly amusing turn of events.  Who knew John was a switch?  The BDSM in this story is light and enjoyable.  Between the spanking and light cropping, it's just right for those who enjoy a romantic kinky tale.  The simple plot is an easy read.  Ms. Rayne even makes the infidelity palpable for those who disdain cheating.  Overall this is a smooth and smexy read.  The ending is what really makes it good.  Recommended for romance lovers who enjoy when a wife teaches her husband a lesson.

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