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Velvet WhipVelvet Whip by VJ Summers

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ginger and Stephen dance around each other for fear of un-reciprocated interest.  Ginger is a responsive demo bunny who revels in exhibition and impact play.  Stephen is a dominant who masters both flogging and whipping.

The duo authors create a sensually realistic bdsm scene.  It also appears at least one of them is quite well aware of the result of whippings.

“I’d rather you didn’t draw actual blood.” She glanced up through dark lashes. “I mean, like the dripping-down-my-back kind, not the whip-crack-abrasion kind.” loc 126-127

This is one piece caught my attention and impressed me.  I've never seen another author make this kind of comparison.  When authors inject little tidbits like this, it helps me get into the story better.  It also draws a very clear picture in my mind as to how the submissive's back is going to look like.  Imagine the scene and vicarious living through Ginger's experiences gives me a little pick me up between my own impact sessions.

This story is written at an even pace with easy to understand characters.  The characters are sweet and do generate heat with their chemistry.  The BDSM is a pleasure to read and the sensual sex scene is good for romance lovers.  Recommended for kinky readers who like a lick of the whip.

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      Velvet Whip




Sounds good. I'm afraid to add to the TBR though. *eyes shelf*

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