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The House of PainThe House of Pain by Tara Crescent

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Where is this House of Pain in Toronto?  I've been to Toronto several times and passed by two sketchy sex stores and two "exotic" dancer clubs.  Note to tourist, Zanzibar is not a Mediterranean restaurant despite the name. If I had known there would have been a House of Pain, I would have booked a session.  What sessions?  Apparently, in this story, one can sign up for spankings and whippings.

The sheet reminds me of the slips of paper in most sushi places – you fill in what you want; and how many. This sheet lists acts –bare bottom spanking, whipping (bottom), whipping (breasts and nipples), whipping (pussy), caning, electricity (breasts and nipples), electricity (pussy), and much more. (p.6)

There are also rates. Taking 20 bare-bottom swats will pay out $10. 10 strokes with the flogger on my breasts, and I’ll get paid $30. There’s a footnote at the bottom of the sheet. Minimum order $200. I gulp. That’s four hundred bare-bottom swats; a world of pain. (p.6)

First, looking at this menu, I'm thinking for $200 I could really enjoy a bit of fun.  Then the reader finds out, we get PAID to be punished.  This is a clever idea from Ms. Crescent.  From a lover a sushi, this immediately appealed to my kinky desires.  Where is this place?  I digress.

Sara White strolls into House of Pain and proceeds to take a walk on the wild side.  She nervously signs up for a glorious hour of impact play.  Marketed as a virgin to spanking, she is a hawt commodity.  The paying audience eats up her exquisite responses of pain and lust.  This intense release is something Sara can really see herself enjoying with repeat sessions.  When Sara is blindsided by co-worker, Doug Patterson, she is now torn in two directions.  Doug is one of the privileged audience drinking in Sara's floggings and spankings.  He proposes an arrangement mutually beneficial.  It's a bit too close to a relationship which scares Sara.  Still, she gives it a half-hearted try.

The BDSM in this story is absolutely delicious.  The story flows in a smooth and even pace.  There are lulls in between the hawt scenes which makes the scenes more pleasurable.  The last scene is extremely memorable.  Ms. Crescent paints a clear picture of a scene involving spanking, erotic torment and a hint of fisting.  What more could a sexual voyeur want?  The characters are relatable everyday people.  Doug is charming and perfect.  Sara is na├»ve and a bit immature.  Near the end of the story, Sara's behaviour is disappointing and makes me want to slap her upside the head.  Doug is too good for her.  She needs a harsh discipline session for her irrational behaviour.  Why Doug still wants her, it's anyone's guess.  Luckily, Sara still receives her happily ever after.  Recommended for kinky romance readers who enjoy impact play.

*I received this book as a review copy from the BDSM Group's R2R in return for an honest review

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