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Today we have a TWO special guests!  As a bonus for today's publication of Pleasures of Spring, Andy and Roz are here for an interview.  After the interview, just post a comment below and fill out the form.  Those who follow me on twitter will receive an additional 5 points for the drawing. Contest runs from April 24 through April 27th 11:59 PM.

Our prize today is a paperback copy of Pleasures of Spring.  You will want to read this book.  My review is here.

 La Crimson Femme:  Thank you Andy and Roz for joining me today.  Shall we get our kink on?

Andy: We’ve looked at some of your other interviews.  I’m a bit possessive and prefer not to get kinky with others.  *Glares at Roz who’s eying the rope, crop, nipple clamps and evil stick*

La Crimson Femme:  *pouts* So, I guess no demo on how Roz gets to Top you, huh?

Andy: No.

Roz: *grins*

La Crimson Femme:  Let us begin.  Andy, Roz worked as a professional dominatrix.  She outspoken and exudes her own sexual power.  How does this impact your D/s dynamic with her? You did let her top you at one point.  Basically, do you find yourself switching?

Andy: When I first met Roz in Paris, I knew that she was trouble. I’d read her file from cover to cover while we were working on the stolen ruby case. Her background as a pro-domme at Cirque Noir never bothered me. My work in personal security meant that I’d been up close and personal with plenty of women.  But I was always in charge and there was no way in hell that I’d ever consider letting Roz try to top me.  

(A word of warning – never play cards with her!)

When we agreed to switch, my attitude was, okay, so what’s the worst thing she could do? It couldn’t be more painful than being shot. *Laughs*  I was wrong.

Surrendering is much tougher than seduction. Roz can read people like a book; she knows exactly how far to go and what will push your boundaries to their limit.  To be honest, Roz surprised me and you could say that I surprised myself. That was a pretty amazing night.

Roz can still be a willful brat at times.  She needs the security of knowing that she can trust me completely to give her what she desires.  And if that means switching occasionally, then bring it on.

 La Crimson Femme: So you will bottom for Roz at times.  Interesting.  *rubs chin with left hand*  Roz, you’ve been a dominant for the most of your life.  When it comes to bottoming or submitting to Andy, how does it feel?  Do you consider it more bottoming or subbing?

Roz: Andy once used the term “Fluffy service top” to describe me, though I warned him that repeating it would result in more pain than he’d ever experienced before. There is nothing remotely fluffy about me. But it’s true that when I’m domming, I’m always aware of my sub’s needs and limits. I’m not a natural sadist. I only hit them as hard as they need.

I find it hard to submit. Every single time, it requires a conscious effort to let go, to stop being in charge and to hand all the responsibility over to Andy. But once I do, I love the sense of freedom that comes from a quiet mind. I don‘t think I could submit to anyone else, though. Andy is the only one I trust to look after me when I’m in subspace.

Of course, he doesn’t sub at all. He bottoms. And half the time, he’s busy topping from the bottom.

La Crimson Femme: So you only bottom for Andy, interesting.  Roz, if you had the weekend to be “in charge” what would you do with Andy?  *turns to look at Andy*  Andy, what would you do with Roz for the weekend?

Roz: I’ll go first.  Andy doesn’t know it, but I’ve been taking lessons in Shibari. I know I’m nowhere near Andy’s standard when it comes to bondage, but I’ve learned enough to tie him securely and let him experience that sense of floating you get with immobility. And after that, I’m going to drink Baileys from his belly button. He has the cutest belly button.

Andy: As a matter of fact I have plans for this weekend. We have Lough Darra to ourselves and we’re going to make the most of it. For a girl who barely knew what a horse was before she came here, Roz is pretty good in the saddle now and her ass looks spectacular in jodhpurs. The stables are great for other things too. The tack room is one of my favourite places for a bondage scene.

La Crimson Femme: Hmm, possible pony play?  *wiggles eyebrows*  Have you ever thought of co-domming and if so, would the person be a male or female?

Andy: Roz brings out a possessive streak in me that I didn’t know I had. If I ever saw another guy touching her, I think I’d had to kill him.

Roz: I’ve always had a secret fantasy about bringing Niall Moore to his knees, but realistically, I know I might need a bit of help for that one. Just in a “Because he’s there” sort of way. I have no idea what I’d do with him once I had him there.

La Crimson Femme: Oh boy, Niall on his knees would be fun.  If Andy ever lets you play, let me know because I have plenty of ideas! 

Andy: *frowns*

Roz: *laughs and winks*

La Crimson Femme: Eh hem.  Getting back on topic - Roz, it’s been hard for you to be separated from your mother’s side of the family all this time.  How is it going?  What was something you learned that surprised you?

Roz: Don’t feel sorry for me. I had my father, and while he wouldn’t win any parenting competitions, he taught me stuff that most people never learn, and I never doubted that he loved me.

I suppose the biggest thing I learned from my mother’s side of the family is that being rich doesn’t fix anything. They have problems, and there is the same proportion of assholes and nice guys in rich families, and you are the same person you always were.

La Crimson Femme: Very true. *turns to look at Andy*

Andy, now that you have Roz with you and your family approves of her.  Are you settling back home?  Will you be more involved with the horses?  Roz, do you now have a passion for horses?

Andy: Yes, I’m delighted to be back at Lough Darra.  Since I gave up doing field work, I’ve been running security teams in different parts of the world, but I get to be at home a lot.   Roz has pretty much taken over the running of the stables while I’ve been concentrating on renovating the house.  We now have 21st century plumbing!

Roz: I’ve always had a soft spot for large hairy muscular males, these ones just happen to have four feet, or rather, four hooves. I’m learning to speak horse with the best of them. When I was younger, I wanted a pet. I just hadn’t planned on quite such big ones.

La Crimson Femme: Well, there are large hairy muscular males who are into pony play. You could have the best of both worlds. *smirks and winks, hears Andy growl* 

Sorry, Andy.  So tell us, what is something you haven’t told anyone yet but would surprise our readers? Something about yourself.

Andy: Only one thing?  Well, I speak fluent Gaelic, which is useful if I’m on a mission with Niall or Flynn.  

I have a secret weakness for Cadbury’s giant chocolate buttons – I particularly like watching them melt on Roz and licking them off.

While I was at college I posed nude for an Art class.  The money was pretty good 

La Crimson Femme: Posing nude for an Art class.  I wonder if those portraits are still around. Mmmm, Gaelic!

Roz: *Looks at Andy* Nude posing?  How did I not know this?

Andy: *shrugs* 

La Crimson Femme: Er, hmm.  Roz, if you could go back in time and go to your Grandmother’s doorstep early, would you?  Why or why not.

Roz: I’ve asked myself this so often. But if I had, and Granny O’Sullivan had really welcomed me with open arms, and had not tried to make me choose between the O’Sullivans and my father, I would never have met Andy. So, no. I would not go back in time to change anything. Andy is worth all the heartache that brought us here.

La Crimson Femme: Aww, that is sweet.  Thank you both for stopping by.  


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