ACQUIRED by Solar Harris

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

New to me author, Ms. Harris is definitely up my alley. This is a cyberpunk/forced feminization story and I really enjoyed it. There were some odd terminology used at first but I caught up pretty quick because I like the techno speak and I happen to be in the computer industry.

This concept of this story is very hawt for me. I almost added it into my spank bank but it wasn't quite graphic enough. Dale is a business man who wants to "play" and not be caught. He purchases a device which will help him switch to another male. Except, that doesn't exactly happen. He keeps changing to female and starts really getting into being fucked as a woman. The ending is a little twist which is not unexpected. I just wish it was more.

The sex in here is delightfully deviant. The combinations including f/f, m/f and menage are all delightful. The roleplaying is smoking hawt.

So which captured "sex bot" became the good girl and which was the bad girl? I'm hoping it was Dale forced to become a good girl so that he had to constantly be "debauched". I'm also a bit disappointed he was wiped of his personality. I wish it was kept intact so that he could feel humiliation constantly as a male forced to be female and taking it constantly by his best friend in the ass, mouth, pussy. It would be fun to force Dale to have both pussy and cock so he felt even more humiliated.

My recommendation for Ms. Harris is to really push the edge on this theme. For those who enjoy this niche, we really like the more depraved humiliation. This story is just a little too light and tame for me. See spoiler for what I'd really enjoy. Recommended for forced feminization lovers who like a bit of techno babble.

*Won as a prize.  No review requested; my review provided anyway.

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