Review: Caroline's Little Friends

Caroline's Little Friends
Caroline's Little Friends by Emily Tilton

My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

From monogamy to an open relationship definitely cranks up the erotic heat in Caroline's Little Friends. Caroline explores her sexuality when she expands it to spanking her previous students. She also continues to enjoy little girl time with her new friend, Caitlin.

This story hits several ageplay fantasies. There is time to play dolls with another little girl which morphs into delicious "big girl" time. As a switch, when Caroline flexes her Mommy persona, it's quite arousing. Ms. Tilton does a good job of setting up each scene and providing hot imagery. The spanking, f/f action and swinging couple is panty wetting goodness.

This story does feel a little rushed. I would have preferred either more focus on playdates with Caitlin or exploration into Caroline's dominant side. While both are enjoyable, it's only a taste. Will there be another novella devoted to Caroline as a mommy? Or will there be another novella with Caroline being naughty with Caitlin? Perhaps Caroline and Caitlin will be visiting the "doctor" in a future installment.

The sexual toys in this story are wickedly creative. Ms. Tilton's latest seesaw type of sex machine is fantastic. I only wish someone would build it for me to test out. Hopefully, Ms. Tilton will continue to bring forth more deviant sex equipment.

This erotic story is recommend for f/f lovers who enjoy ageplay.

*I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review

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