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Caroline's Rocking HorseCaroline's Rocking Horse by Emily Tilton

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Naughty school girls spanked and anally disciplined, is this your fantasy?  Is this what you fantasize during your "me time"?  You aren't the only one.  Caroline Dawkins masturbates to spanking sessions between a school master and student.  She wants to talk to her vanilla husband about her desires, but shies away from it.  This is, until one day, he catchers her playing with herself.

Confession time, I can relate to Caroline.  Just like kinky Caroline, I run through deviant sexual scenarios in my head whilst in the throes of passionate sex.  Just like Caroline, I read the sexy erotica featuring age-play, spankings, taboos and more.  Unfortunately, unlike George, my spouse wants no part of being a Daddy or Daddy Dom.  George is a bewildered husband who finally receives a break when he learns of his wife's kinky cravings. George steps up and takes control.

From a character standpoint, both characters are relatable.  Caroline's sexual appetite is hauntingly familiar.  George's response is a dream come true.  He's a man who knows how to take charge.  He isn't indecisive.  This is attractive in a character, particular in a male character.  Both characters are created with little complexity so they may not be as engaging, unless one can personally relate to Caroline's position. 

From a storytelling perspective, it's okay.  First person is rarely good for me.  My personal preference is third person.  There is a lot more telling in this book than action.  This gives the story a more relaxed pace.  It isn't what I would consider a tightly written book with nary a spare word.  It is written in a manner which can be easily consumed in anticipation for some sexy times. 

The holy grail of this story is the rocking horse.  The story builds up to it and when it finally appears, the scene is all too short.  The age-play and sexual scenes in the story are sexy hawt.  It's the lighter side of age-play.  The spankings are short.  The bratty behaviour is expected as is the discipline that follows.  What I would like to see is more detail in the sex scenes.  A bit more action would also help.  Relaying how Caroline feels while describing how George responds would also kick up the heat.  While there is a little snippet of George's response, it's only a tantalizing taste.  This is kinky story is recommended to those who are curious about age-play.

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