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Claiming MelissaClaiming Melissa by H. Dean

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With a H. Dean book, I know it is going to be heavy on the body modification as well as behavioural modification.  Claiming Melissa does not disappoint.  Melissa is an intelligent and independent female who falls for Bill.  Bill is a sadistic BDSM toy making genius. 

This story I'm mixed about because of two conflicting agendas.  Is this a depraved dub-con sex slavery or is this a fucked up victim who is better off as a brainless slut?

Here's the problem I see.  In an attempt to build more layers for a more three dimensional character, Melissa started out as an engaging sexy female and turned into a too stupid to live baggage ridden self-saboteur.  She went from sexy to libido killer.  I didn't like her.  I did like what ended up happening to her at the hands of Bill.  The more the reader learns about Melissa, the less attractive she becomes, because she's so fucked up in her head that unless she straightens herself out, she's just one big high maintenance suicide waiting to happen.  Too much work and very little sexy time is how I see it.  Still, Bill gives it his all and makes her his little sex toy.

From a BDSM perspective - HAWT!  Are these things possible in real live?  Not really.  Is it possible to destroy an asshole?  Yup, it is.  The poor female in the story totally gets fucked in the ass with this one.  There is a twist in the story which totally made me go "WTF"?  I'm still undecided if it helped or hurt the story.  Still, the bondage, body modification, enemas, ass gaping, it all worked for me.  Not one of the darkest ones from H. Dean, more of a medium for him.  Recommended for kinky readers who enjoy body modification.

* a gift from the author - no review request.  My honest opinion still provided*

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