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The Contract
The Contract by Claire Thompson

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Why are the best fantasy BDSM resorts male only? In The Contract, Jace is a submissive hitting rock bottom. He's alone without a home, job or lover. Lost and lonely, he's offered an opportunity of a lifetime. A short three month contract to work as a service bottom at an exclusive BDSM resort catering to rich men is a dream come true.

This does fall into my Glitterkink category for the rich exclusive private club. Boy is it a wonderful club! The resort locale is nice. The resort itself is fabulous. The best part is Jace's job! Sure, the clients may not be the most fit, but they are all kinky. For Jace, the money and the job are unreal.

The characters in this story are well designed. While there are rich men in this book, there is very little focus on them. The focus is on the regular guys, Jace and Quinn. Quinn is one of the dominant trainers who is looking for something more than just the scene. He wants a connection. Jace is the first one in a long time who appeals to Quinn's tastes. Jace and Quinn's budding relationship is sweet to watch. Their interaction, specifically how they build trust with each other is endearing. Since there is a leaning towards D/s, the trust element is nicely interwoven.

Ms. Thompson does a wonderful job creating a fantasy come to life. My favourite parts are the rope work and waterplay. Personally waterplay is difficult for me but in the way it's described here, I'd be willing to try it. It's pretty amazing. The BDSM scenes are feasible and smoking hawt. It's an erotic twelve course meal. There is a little bit of everything showcased in a cohesive and an enticing manner. Even the pettiness which can arise in a BDSM group is captured quite well. This is the main conflict which made this story work.

This is a fabulously erotic story. Recommended for m/m lovers who enjoy kinky bondage.

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