Review: Cuckold Initiation

Cuckold Initiation - Training my Cuckold husband with a young bullCuckold Initiation - Training my Cuckold husband with a young bull by Rupert Wood

My rating: 2.5 of 5 stars

Hunter and Billy enjoy a happy marriage with some sexy openness.  In Cuckold Initiation, it's not really a BDSM story unless one considers a husband watching his wife fuck the life out of a young eighteen year-old stud to be BDSM kinky. 

The erotic nature of this story is a sweet husband and wife duo involving a younger man.  It's nice to read where the husband in this instance isn't a small dicked inadequate lover.  Instead, he's a full participant with a  sexually voracious wife. 

The storyline itself is very simple.  There is a tangent hinted in here which is never resolved.  Is this because another story will follow?  At this time, it is unknown.  Ideally, if this story cut the possible financial troubles out, the story would be tighter and flow better.  This light erotic short story is recommended for readers who enjoy a husband and wife duo taking a young sweet stud out for a hard ride.

(This is a 2.5 star rating.  It's more than okay, but not quite a 3 star.)

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