Review: Curse of the Fae King

Curse of the Fae KingCurse of the Fae King by Kryssie Fortune

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Never let your dragon out of sight, because you never know what kind of riffraff will bond with it.

Leonidas, king of fae, is tracking down his wayward dragon in the human world. He finds his scarlet baby dragon eating from Meena's hand. Enraged, he demands for the human to release his dragon. To his surprise, she snarks back at him to feed his dragon better.

Meena is a witch without any powers. She escaped to the human world with her mother to live out a life as a "mundane". Finding an adorable little dragon during her lunch is the last thing she expected. It also generates a wave of homesickness as she cannot return to her home world filled with magic.

This second book in the series is a hilarious ride. Ms. Fortune's forte is snarky heroines and beleaguered heroes. Her characters are endearing and amusing. Meena and Leonidas bicker, and as the sparks fly, they become more attracted to each other. Their skill sets complement each other. They are made for each other despite their obstacles. Leonidas is under a curse which prevents him from mating Meena, while Meena's heritage puts quite a damper when all comes to light. Their partnership to rescue Meena's missing mother is fraught with mishaps and sexy times.

The story is enjoyable from the beginning to the end. It is a book that I couldn't put down. The characters are engaging and the plot is entertaining. However, there are several points which are unresolved in the book, and there are also a couple of relationship turns which didn't exactly make sense. These all tie to Meena's kidnapped mother. There are a few holes there which makes the story feel incomplete. Perhaps there will be more of an explanation in the next one in this series.

I really hope Ms. Fortune writes another book in this series because the world she's created is interesting. The mixing of the paranormal mythology is refreshing. Best of all, a story which could be all doom and gloom is presented in a lively and upbeat manner. This paranormal romance is recommended to everyone.

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      Curse of the Fae King




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