Review: The Domme Who Wasn't

The Domme Who Wasn't (Club Esoteria #14)The Domme Who Wasn't by Cooper McKenzie

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When a person pretends to be a dominant, yet is a submissive, it does become pretty apparent when around those in the lifestyle.  Calliope Smith is a declared card carrying dominant at Club Esoteria.  Unfortunately for her, she doesn't realize it's an open secret that she's masquerading as a Domme.

From a writing style, Ms. MacKenzie writes a smooth flowing story.  There is a decent balance between the BDSM club and the character's work life.  The characters are sweet and adorable.  Calliope aka Callie is an artist who tends to service her bottoms with sex.  Master Roane is a sexy Scottish dominant who wears a kilt.  These are all easy sterotypes to get a reader into the mood.  From a romance perspective, it's sweet with a happily ever after.

From a BDSM perspective, it is written by someone who has either never been in the lifestyle, been to a club or completely lacks understanding of the BDSM lifestyle.  What is presented in these pages is a perfect example of what those outside of the lifestyle "think" happens in the BDSM community.  It's both amusing and cute. 

There are some major flaws which made this story a hard read.  First, how does know Callie know she is a dominant?  Her lack of understanding of basic BDSM dynamics makes the premise of the story so strange.  Second, what club designates members with cards of dominant versus submissive?  What happens to all the switches?  In the real world, it is very very rare I meet a person who is a hundred percent dominant.  Even then, these dominants are old school so they have all done a stint as a bottom.  Third, when a person switches their designation between dominant or submissive, there is a public punishment and requirement to apologize to every member coming through the club?  W.T.F?  Seriously?  This is not a club I'd ever be willing to be a member.  I don't even know what to say about this situation.

Now, are there clubs which only designate dominants and submissives?  Yes.  These are slowly disappearing since it is mostly run by the old guard mentioned earlier.  These clubs are also very exclusive because they watch who they allow into the club.  All new members are generally required to have a sponsor who vouches for them and there is generally a period of probation.  There is no way Callie would have passed in as a dominant.  Between her body language and responses, it would be very apparent she isn't a dominant and would have never received her dominant card.  

The actual BDSM scenes in here are light.  I'm tempted to classify them as SugarKink.  None of it was arousing for me.  It's really just some kinky sex.  It contains all the dressings and terminology of BDSM yet it's missing the essence of BDSM.  This makes the book better for those who are into the fantasy romance rather than the real thing.  There is nothing wrong with this fantasy.  It's just better for those who aren't in the lifestyle to read it because it causes too much non conducive amusement for those in the lifestyle.  This romance is recommended for kinky readers who love happily ever afters.

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      The Domme Who Wasn't (Club Esoteria #14)




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