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Fit For SubmissionFit For Submission by Rose Thornwell

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A man with no self-worth is the worst kind of submissive.  This is evident, watching Tony Sinclair completely destroying his life.  He is a chronic cheater and incapable of keeping his promise.  He lies over and over again about who he loves the most.  Basically, whatever woman is currently degrading him, he professes undying love.

The character building in this story is interesting.  The main character is loathsome.  I hate cheaters like Tony.  He's despicable.  Nothing about him is redeeming.  Nothing about him is sexy or appealing.  The sex scenes between him and Lara's younger sister, Miranda are not only pathetic, but revolting.  The first half of this story, I hated it.  This was running a 1 star with worst story read so far this year. 

Lara, Tony's fiancĂ©e is too good for him.  She comes across as strong, yet she also waffles between enjoying taking sexual control to hating it.  Miranda is a snotty little beyotch who needs a good ass reaming and severe caning.  She's the worst kind of female to enter into femdom.  She's not a dominant.  She's a self-centered abuser.  With these deplorable characters and Tony's repeated self-sabotage, the story is a complete libido killer despite the kinky sex scenes.  If a reader is into degradation, this story is chock full of it.  Perhaps there are those who get off with this kind of demeaning theme.  If this weren't portrayed as a contemporary erotic romance, it would be a different story. Because as a contemporary erotic romance, all I see is domestic violence abuse. 

The switch over to an arousing sexy story is when Lara's father gets involved.  Turns out, he's a powerful man who enjoys bedroom submission.  His scene with both female and male partners is sexy hawt.  His relationship with Giselle is also interesting.  When he forces both daughters to learn a few lessons from Giselle, the story really turns for the better.

This story needs a better usage of Giselle.  From the time she re-enters into Tony's life to when she shows up as a lover of Lara's father, there are holes.  There are unanswered questions as to why Lara's father doesn't know about Tony sooner.  What kind of game is Giselle playing?  It is as if the relationships and connections between each character were not fully thought out.  In order to "make" the story work, they were changed 2/3 of the way through the story.  The last third of the book is when it does get good.  Truths are revealed, males are put in their place, hawt femdom pegging and male anal rape are all deliciously served up.  It is the ending of the book which really redeems the story and makes it an enjoyable experience.

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